Kitten InformationQuestion 1: Can I come in person to see your kittens and pick my kitten?


The answer is no, it’s very traumatizing to take the kitten from the mother and hand over to a stranger. The mother can become very stressed and injure one of the other kittens. The kittens immunity system can be weakened by stress and cause an upper respiratory infection which could spread to the other kittens. Additionally, germs and viruses can be on your shoes, clothing and hands and could spread to the kittens and rest of the cattery. I let you choose the kittens by sending videos when they are 4-5 weeks old. If I have an older kitten available, it will be by video only. I take my kittens health and welfare very seriously.


When you have passed the screening you need to decide on a male or female and cannot change the sex later. If your deposit is first and you want a male or female, you will have first pick of your chosen sex. If your deposit is second then you have second pick and so on. If your sex or color is not in the litter, your deposit goes to the next litter. Your deposit is non refundable so make sure you really want the kitten.


Question 2: When can I pick up the kitten?


I let them go between 9-12 weeks, it depends on their weight and if they are eating well and I feel they are ready to go.


Question 3: Do You give your kittens vaccines?


All kittens come with a 3in1 vaccine and a health record booklet with the dates.


It is important that pets are not over vaccinated in today’s world by greedy vets that care more for your money then your cat. I hear all the time my vet is the best. Really? What vaccines has your vet given your cat? Do you even ask?


The 3 in 1 vaccine I give to the kittens is a combination vaccine that covers Distemper, Rhinotracheitis, and the Calici virus.


Vaccines Not To Get
FIP Vaccine. When this vaccine was put on the market it was first tested on shelter cats, 200 of them, and they all died. The vaccine was still released and caused some cats to get the virus and die. Do not get this vaccine and make sure you tell your vet you do not want this vaccine.

FIV Vaccine. Your kitten also does not need the FIV vaccine. The only way your kitten can get this disease is if it’s bitten by an infected cat. Since your kitten is going to be a indoor cat you do not need to get this vaccine. And this vaccine will cause your cat to test positive for the disease. Your vet will not tell you that. Make sure you tell your vet you do not want this vaccine.


Leukemia vaccines. For many years I got this vaccine for my cats and I have had 2 die of cancer from tumors at the injection site. I no longer give this vaccine. If you get this vaccine make sure it’s a non- adjuvanted vaccine. There are two types of vaccines Adjuvanted and Non-Adjuvanted. Majority of all vets use the adjuvanted vaccines because they are so much cheaper and think the clients will not want to pay the higher price for the Non-Adjuvanted ones. It’s is a known fact that Adjuvanted vaccines gives cats cancerous tumors. So you need to ask yourself is this worth the risk to your cat? If you feel you have to get a Leukemia vaccine make sure you tell your vet you only want the Non-Adjuvanted vaccine and give in the hip not at the scruff area.


Rabies. If you cat is a indoor cat it doesn't need this vaccine. And the rabies vaccine is killing cats. If you have to get the rabies then wait till the kitten is 16 weeks. Reasons to get this vaccine: If you have little kids and their friends come over. You need this in case one of them would get bit by the kitten or cat. If you have to board or travel all over and you take your kitten, then you need to get the vaccine.


How Often To Get Vaccines. I only give my cats the 3 in 1 vaccines every 3 years. And none after 10 years of age. In recent years there have been studies done on cats that have had yearly vaccines and there is a clear link they cause kidney disease in cats. Kidney disease is considered the number one death in older cats. Do not get yearly vaccines your vet is not your friend, you need to ask clear questions as to what vaccines your vet is giving your kitten. I worked for a vet and he never vaccinated his cats and they lived to be very old. You can do your own search on the dangers of cat vaccines and how often not to get the vaccines. There are YouTube videos of people that got vaccines, the rabies and Leukemia ones, and their stories how the vaccines killed their cats are so sad.


Question 4 Do We Ship?


No we don’t. It is very dangerous to ship live animals in cargo. I have been breeding over 21 years, and for many years it was much safer. Nowadays the employees that handle your kitten throw the carriers around. Leave kittens on the tarmac for several hours. Forget to put the kitten on the plane or ship the kitten to the wrong location. Many years ago you could buy insurance when you dropped the kitten off to be shipped. They do not have that any longer because all the mishaps and death of the pets and court cases they have against them. If my buyers can’t drive to pick up their kitten then they can fly to the New Orleans airport and leave the same day. This is safe and convenient for the buyer. We do charge $50 to deliver the kitten to cover gas and parking, we are an hour away from the airport. There is also a Pet Transportation service that picks up your kitten and drives it to you. Goggle Pet Transportations and many come up. Make sure you look at their reviews and ask what guarantees they have.


Spay & Neuter Info


When you get the kitten spayed or neutered do at 6 months I tell all buyers to send proof of that by the bill they get back and I send the registration certificate. I started to see these ridiculous high spay and neuter prices across the United States. I finally figured why some were so much higher $500-$700 When you go into the vet office to drop your cat off they always ask if you want blood work done. The answer should be no, your cat does not need blood work at that age it’s just a money thing from greedy vets. They charge $300/$400 and up and added to the regular price of the surgery. And there is another issue and very important, do not get any vaccines when the cat gets spayed or neutered, it’s very traumatizing when they go to the vet and the gas they use to put them out effects their immune system and causes the white blood cells to go up. So if they are vaccinated it compromises their immune symptom and the healing. So make sure you tell them no vaccines at that time. Your cat will have a slow recovery and even could die. Of course the vet will not tell you about that. Many years ago I worked for a cat vet and he would never give vaccines the day of the spay or neutering. You love your cat he or she loves you deeply and depends on you, so keep them safe and they will be with you many years.


Bringing Your New Kitten Home


It’s is very stressful on the kitten you are bringing home, if you are coming out of state and a long drive put the kitten on your lap to comfort and calm the kitten. If you are coming locally or from Louisiana you don’t have to do this. Always keep the kitten in the carrier when you are getting out of the car and going in the house. If you carry the kitten it can jump out of your arms and be injured badly or run away little kittens are very fast.


Before you pick up the kitten, you need to make a safe zone for him or her. A bathroom, or extra bedroom. A small area. Once you get the kitten don’t immediately open the carrier and let a bunch of people handle the kitten. This will stress the kitten very much. You need to put the kitten in a quiet place with food, water, litter pan and toys. You should sit in there for awhile then leave with the light on. The kitten will investigate and will eat and use the kitty pan if it feels safe and not stressed. Sometimes the kitten won’t eat drink water or use the litter pan till the next day until it feels comfortable and safe. It’s important you spend time with the kitten after you put it in the bathroom. Do not immediately take it to your bed and let it sleep with you. The kitten doesn’t know what a bed is and when it wakes up it will pee on the bed. This is not good to start. The kitten will want to continue to pee on the bed. Leave the kitten in the bathroom for a few days. You can take the kitten out and play with hold on your lap or lay in the bed playing. Afterward put the kitten back in the bathroom, this is getting the kittens trust.


After a few days open the bathroom door, the kitten will come out slowly. if it gets spooked, the kitten will run straight back to the bathroom because it’s now his or hers safe zone. If you don’t have this then the kitten will run and hide where you can’t get it. Under the couch, behind the stove, under a recliner. All hard to get places. Once the kitten starts staying out longer after coming out of the bathroom you can start letting the kitten come out and not close the door. At this time you should move the kitten to your bedroom with the kitty pan, food, water and toys. If you have a bathroom in your bedroom use that bathroom. You do need to let the kitten sleep with you not just as soon as you get home. Siamese love to sleep with their human and snuggle under the covers much more then other breeds of cats. This also helps the kitten to bond to you. And their little purr is so comforting.


Things To Buy For Your Kitten


I will send you a list of food a kitten formula and litter list a week before you get your kitten. When the kitten is 6 months old you need to change the food to a grain free adult food. Grain free cat food is much better for the kitten system and your adult cats. You need to buy a cat tree, one that is 6 foot. Goggle cat trees with free shipping. They are much cheaper then buying from Pets Mart.




Favorite toy is a wand toy, get one with a bell and feather. Why get one with a bell? The wand will become a training device, if you can’t find your kitten when you shake the toy your kitten will hear the bell and come running. You need to have playtime with the wand toy, even old cats like playing with the wand toy. Only play with the kitten a short time with the wand toy, if you see the kitten panting stop and put the wand toy away.


One of the best places to buy kitty toys is online at Jeffers pet. Here are some of the kittens favorites toys at Jeffers Pet. Yeowww Banana catnip toy Item DWPY4. If Jeffers has it on back order buy it elsewhere online, google it. Forest Skinneeez for cat’s Item RRXM Tinsel Balls Item 1313. The kittens are obsessed with these buy several because they get lost. Furry Mice Item 1718 Get several of them. Jeffers Jingle balls Item 0027185 These are some of the kittens fav toys. Another great place to buy kitty toys is Amazon. They have great prices on kitty toys and on kitty beds.


You need to buy ceramic bowls for the cat food and water bowls. When the kitten gets a little older get a kitty drinking fountain, cats love these. Other toys to buy are cat nip toys, they love them. You need to also buy brushs for your kittens. My favorite brush for my cats is a horse soft face brush, you can get at Jeffers Pet, And it’s very cheap my cat’s love it. And what I use on the kittens. Jeffers Face Brush Item IAFM cost $2.99 The other brush is also inexpensive at Jeffers, a Gripsoft Slicker Brush. This brush works great getting the loose shedding fur off. Item J7G1 Any cat brushes you buy at Pet Smart or Petco are expensive, these two brushes work great.


Favorite wand toys for the kittens and my cats. There are feather teasers and fly wands. They are very good quality.


Litter Pans


Do not get a self cleaning litter pan or covered litter pan, cats do like them. And the kitten won’t know what they are and will not use. You need to use the same litter pan and litter the kittens are familiar with. And do not use any kind of clumping litters. Kittens will lick everything off their paws and will lick the the clumping litter and it gets in their intestines and blocks them and will kill them. Worse for your adult cats as well. Some adult cats that have used clumping litter their entire life have severe health issues that lead to death. Cancer of the rectum, liver cancers, intestinal cancers and other health issues. The way this was found out was autopsies that were performed on elderly cats and a grey scum was found in their intestines and rectum and livers and cancer. Really bad product to use for your cats. The other litter clay litter is also a health hazard to you and your cat. Causes pulmonary disease in cats and people why risk this. I use Pine Pellets and that’s what the kitten uses. The kittens start using the litter at 4 weeks and it is what they are used to. If you use something different there is a very good chance they won’t use the kitty pan and will pee and poop elsewhere.


It’s also important to kitten proof your home No live plants, many are poisonous for cats and kitten love to dig and pee in the planters. Your phone chargers also need to be put in a safe place, they love love love to chew on them. If you do not put them up, you will be buying them every week. Hair ties and rubber bands are dangerous to cats. I had a buyer buy a kitten and he loved her hair ties, when he was 7 months he got very sick, this was on a holiday weekend. He kept gagging, coughing and heaving. My buyer was a Dr and she called her Dr friend and took the kitten to his practice. They did a x- ray and found a big mass of hair ties in his stomach. They had a emergency surgery on him right there in his office. And removed 39 hair ties. He would have died that night if they didn’t do that. So don’t let your kitten play with hair ties or rubber bands. Your kitten will also like to chew your computer wires and tv and cable wires. You can get wire covers for them. On the wires you can’t cover, rub Vick’s chest rub on them. Kittens can’t tolerate the smell.


If you have any questions about your kitten home coming call or e-mail. I love talking about my kittens.


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Siamese Kittens For SaleSiamese Kittens For Sale


Siamese Kittens For SaleSiamese Kittens For Sale

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