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We had just lost our little Siamese that we had had for 15 years and we were heartbroken. We discovered Southern Traditional and spoke with Lynn and she had a little boy that would be ready in 3 weeks for pick up. We were ectastic. We picked him up in May and fell in love immediately. His disposition is so sweet & all our friends comment about how friendly he is. After a few months we decided we would love for Joe to have a brother to play with & keep him company. So I looked on the Southern Traditions website and there was a kitten that was 6-8 months old that was available. We called Lynn & told her that we wanted him. My husband made the trip to pick him up & while he was there visiting with Lynn - playing with the kitten, etc - Lynn decided that the kitten might not be the best fit for us. So she offered another little male that she had left from a litter. This is a true testament to how well she knows her cats. This little boy -Scooter - and Joe are perfect for our family! They are the best buddies and are always side by side. They have the sweetest dispositions, great lap cats & very outgoing. Most people expect Siamese cats to be standoffish but Lynn's cats are so friendly. Recommend Lynn and her cats highly. We will be forever grateful!

Larry & MaryEllen Yarbrough
Madison MS

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

After our Siamese cat of 13 years was diagnosed with kidney failure and died, we were heart-broken.  Our home felt very empty.  My husband and I knew we wanted to get another little companion in our family but couldn’t find the right one. We also had reservations about what we would feed him, because we were concerned that the food we fed our other cat may have caused his problems, even though the vet recommended it.  

We found our new little baby boy at Southern Traditional Siamese and Balinese.  We named him Pai (pronounced pie), it means the cutest.   Lynn was so helpful in the first few days while we were adjusting to our new addition to our family.   My brother-in-law was here on a visit from Colorado, he is not a pet person, but he couldn’t stop playing with Pai.  He actually would go search him out to pet him.  Pai is such a character, he loves playing with his feather “da bird” toy.  Lynn did a great job socializing him, so that when he came to us he just needed to get familiar with his new routine.  He runs and cavorts around the house like he owns it and he does.  My husband and I are so happy that we found Lynn at Southern Traditional Siamese and would recommend Southern Traditional to everyone who wants a healthy happy kitten.

Lisa D.,  June 2016

Two photos of Pai
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
I hope this email finds you well. I wanted to update you on my Siamese lilac point, Maeby, that I adopted from you in early June 2013. At 2 years and 2 months old she is a beautiful 8lb kitty. She has remained very light in color and her personality is everything I could have hoped for. Maeby is very social. She befriended our West Highland Terrier and spends a lot of time teasing her. I think she prefers spending the day surrounded by people. Maeby strongly disapproves if she's left out of a conversation! For instance, if I shut the door to the office to make a phone call, Maeby will cry and paw at the door to let me know she wants to participate too. She only gets vocal when it's time for breakfast or she wants to be in the room with me. Anything new I bring into the house whether it's a grocery store bag, a box, or freshly washed sheets on the bed... Maeby immediately claims the new object for herself. She is spayed and in very good health. Everyone comments on what a stunning cat she is from her lilac points to her fluffy soft fur. Most of all everyone raves about her gorgeously rich baby blue eyes. My favorite thing about her is the training you invoked with the bell. Maeby is never lost! It's such a joy to be able to make a noise with a bell and have her come running ready to play! I wasn't sure what to expect adopting from a breeder, but you have made me a life long believer in Southern Traditional Siamese. I am so thankful to have her in my life. I hope to adopt another one of your precious kitties someday.

All the Best,

Katie, June 2015

Maeby Maeby

Three photos of Maeby
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

For Christmas 2013, my husband & I, brought home a new addition to our family. After two years of researching Siamese breeders and the different "points" that are produced, we became very intrigued by the unique "Lynx Points". Lynn was such a pleasure to do an adoption with. She would text us updated pictures of Bella and two videos of play time with her. When pick up day came, I arrived to her and all the other felines greeting me at the front door step. She then went to retrieve Bella and said, "Are you ready to fall in love?". When she placed her in my arms, I did just that. I knew from that moment she was everything we wanted. She's 10 months old now and still amazes us daily on what she learns. From opening up her food cabinet door by herself, to playing fetch and even playing the "Friskies" Jitter Bug Cat app on our iPhones. She has the most playful tactics at times, bringing us so much laughter. She has now matured into a loving, poise female with such beautiful markings. Also, a HUGE part of our family which includes, her 9 year old sister Kandi, a black lab! This past July my niece acquired a Balinese, Tye, from Southern Traditional too! He is the sweetest, most gentle little man. She received him for her 5th Birthday present. He snuggles with her every night to Frozen before Bed and wakes her up with the morning sun, kissing her forehead. He will snuggle with just about anyone! I will say although, we have only have purchased Lynx and Balinese, everyone of her cats on the premises are so affectionate. They all make a point, during your visit to get some loving' and purr for their guest of honor! Bella does the same to each guest at our home, so that goes to show her passion and love she instills into each kitten before they are adopted. We highly recommend her to "cat lovers" often. In the 10 months since our adoption there, I now know 2 other happy parents of a Southern Traditional Siamese Cat.

Sabrina & Josh Marrero, LA August 2014

Bella at 8 months

Tye (close-up of his eyes)

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

I have had Siamese cats since before I went to Vietnam in 1970. They are wonderful animals and their loving character traits, are known and well documented. Last October, it became apparent my thirteen year old Siamese was having medical problems, and that I may need to find a replacement. A search on the Internet, produced the website "southerntraditionalsiamese" out of Lousiana. I contacted Lynn Schwamb of that cattery, in hopes of finding another kitten.

It makes me smile to think of it as she had no "current inventory", because of her excellent reputation for producing quality Siamese. So I had to wait until December when on my birthday, my female seal point kitten Daisie, was born. We got her when she was ten weeks old, and delivered into a house with two other cats and a dog. She adopted immediately the dog, her absolute best friend.

She is the most athletic, agile, precocious cat I have ever had. She sits in my lap, sleeps in my arms, and kisses more often than any cat I have ever had. She is the product of the way Lynn raised her from birth, and an incredible animal who has brought happiness to all in this house including the other animals (Custer is now doing well thanks to the vet), and us.

We were extremely fortunate to find Lynn's cattery, and beyond fortunate to have Daisie who is now seven months old and a beautiful, gentle, loving cat.

Ed Venable


Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Last October I tragically lost my precious Lynx Point Siamese. I was (to say the very least) devastated. I didn't know what I was going to do. I did know I had to have another cat, another Lynx Point and I wanted a kitten. I did not realize that finding one was not going to be an easy task. I searched online and found Southern Traditional Siamese! I emailed the owner, Lynn, and she informed me that her Lynx Point, Molly, had a litter of five kittens just a week earlier!! I was of course excited, but there was no guarantee there would be a Lynx Point in the litter. Still, I sent her a deposit and then waited. In a few weeks Lynn informed me that the one male in the litter and the largest kitten, was a Lynx. I wanted a female, so I had to keep waiting. Ugh! Finally, the smallest kitten turned out to be a Lynx and Lynn sent me a picture. She was beautiful And I loved her already. I quickly made flight plans to go and get her. So the Saturday before Christmas last year I flew from Sacramento to New Orleans to pick up my treasure! Lynn's husband was at airport waiting for me with my kitten. The rest is history. I named her Narcisse Francais which means French Daffodil and I call her Narci. Besides being extremely healthy and beautiful, she is truly the light of my life! I cannot thank Lynn and her husband enough for filling a huge hole in my life. Lynn did everything she said she would do and more. If I wasn't happy with Narci being an "only child", I wouldn't hesitate getting another cat from Lynn. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a cat get a Siamese and of course select one from Lynn's cattery!!!

J Douglas, Sacramento CA

Narcisse Francais

Narcisse Francais

Narcisse Francais


Narcisse Francais

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

After searching far and wide without success for a healthy Siamese kitten here in Texas, my husband and I decided to adopt a seal-point female from Southern Traditional Siamese in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. What luck! We could not be happier with our Midori. From the very first day, she has been healthy and well- socialized. She made herself at home immediately, greeting her two older “brothers” with a friendly curiosity that they could not resist. They are now all truly best buddies. She is a quintessential Siamese – very playful and energetic with an extremely sweet disposition. She always greets us at the door when we return from work and loves to follow us around the house, watching me cook in the kitchen or listening to my husband practice his accordion in the music room – now that’s devotion!

Midori is mischievous and intelligent and a constant source of amusement and pleasure. She is a beautiful girl with deep blue eyes that always capture peoples’ attention. I cannot say enough about what a great cat she is and how much we adore her. She is without a doubt the sweetest female Siamese we have ever had.

I feel very fortunate to have found the Southern Traditional website. Lynn was friendly, professional, and easy to work with. I would unreservedly recommend her kittens to any Siamese lover.

Sarah ~ Austin, Texas

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Midori & Friend
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Midori & Friend
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

I recently acquired a Seal Point Siamese kitten from Southern Traditional Siamese and enthusiastically recommend this cattery to anyone in the market for a new cat.

I visited and/or talked with numerous breeders, including Lynn Schwamb of Southern Traditional Siamese. From our first conversation I knew immediately that Lynn was the "real deal" and I hoped I could convince her I was worthy of one of her kittens. She impressed me with her knowledge and experience, but more so with her concern for the welfare of the cats, not just making money.

Although Southern Traditional Siamese is 538 miles (one way) from my home in central Florida, I readily traveled that distance to bring home a sweet, loving Seal Point Siamese that Lynn had picked out especially for me. From the first moment I held "Briana" in my arms, I knew we were a perfect match!

While picking up the kitten I couldn't help but notice what an immaculate home the kittens were being raised in; it was spotless and a very "sterile environment." But it wasn't just the physical appearance of the home, it was the loving, caring interaction between Lynn and the cats that was very obvious to me. She provides abundant attention and affection to all the cats. She also goes to great lengths to socialize and train them.

Briana made the trip home to Florida with absolutely no problems. She had been trained to ride in a carrier and actually seemed to enjoy the ride! When we got home I was happy to see her use the litter box from day one; she also uses the scratching posts rather than our new set of furniture - - these are two more examples of how well Lynn trains the kittens from birth.

Briana is a true delight for me and my wife! She is a very loyal, loving cat that gives unconditional love. She's very active and playful and loves to be around people. She has truly turned this house into a home.

It was a real pleasure doing business with Lynn and I respect her for the passion she has for raising quality cats and promoting their welfare. She has followed up on Briana several times, calling or emailing me to see how she's doing and if I have any questions or concerns. Again, I highly recommend anyone serious about acquiring a new kitten or cat contact Lynn Schwamb at Southern Traditional Siamese.

Ben ~ Newberry, Florida

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

I wish I could put into words my feelings about our new addition to the family. Ping has the sweetest disposition. He is full of curiosity and there does not seem to be anything that frightens him. When we have visitors he's looking to see who it is. He has plenty to talk about; especially in the mornings when he demands a full rub down and nose scratch. He is a gorgeous Siamese with beautiful seal points.

All of Ping's traits are a tribute to the love and care that you give to your family of Siamese. It is clear that the attention and nurturing you give your sires and 'queens' shows in the quality of their offspring. We are so happy to have found you. Thank you....


Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

I wanted you to know that Cassie and Rodney (Mojo and Queenie, January 1, 2009), at 2 years old, have turned into such beautiful cats. Everyone talks about how Rodney is so picture perfect. I don't have any recent photos of the two, but I can tell you Rodney looks a lot like his father. I couldn't find a similar match to Cassie in your pictures, but she's also a beauty. She's an excellent specimen of a siamese cat -- svelte, agile, and intelligent. And she tells us what she thinks all the time.

Rodney, at 13-14 pounds (he's not fat), is a real sweetheart. He may be a little on the shy side around strangers, but he warms up to any good person fairly quickly. He loves to be stroked, loves to drink water out of the tap, enjoys sitting on Rick's chest, and generally loves to be with us. You should see him walk. He confidently saunters around, head lifted high, as if he doesn't have a care in the world.

Cassie, at 9 pounds, is so full of life and fun. She's always looking for some mischief to get into, and I think she loves to pick on her brother. She runs by a strict schedule and expects everyone else to follow suit. So, sleeping in on the weekends? HA! She loves to chase wand toys, makes a toy out of just about anything, tolerates me when I hold her, sleeps on my legs at night, and follows me around where ever I go.

As Cassie and Rodney have grown, they have become much more independent of each other. Unfortunately, Rodney plays rather rough with Cassie, but she's a fiesty little girl and can keep him in check most of the time. All in all, we love them both and can't imagine living without them. You would be proud of them.

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Izzies coloring is just gorgeous and my experience with Southern Traditional Siamese was outstanding. Her father is Mojo and she is very much leaning to the “plus size” of the family. Her sisters are two Golden Retrievers and in many ways is just like a dog. Izzie’s meow is very very quiet and she is as sweet as can be.

Thank you Lynn!
Chardy ~ Grapevine Texas

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

My wife and I have purchased several Siamese kittens from Southern Traditional Siamese Cattery and have been extremely pleased. The kittens are so very well socialized, loving, and just a real pleasure to have around the house. The time and effort Mrs Schwamb and her husband put into these kittens is very evident, they are truly raised in a loving home."

CC ~ Brandon, MS

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
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