Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale  
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Lynx Point Siamese

Lynx Point Siamese are very rare and are truly breathtaking with such deep blue eyes with fur as soft as silk. They have such gentle ways and a very sweet disposition. Their eyes have the brilliance of sapphires that amaze every time they turn your way.

The Lynx point color came from an accidental breeding years ago between a pet Tabby and a purebred Siamese. From that breeding the kittens inherited the striking deep blue eyes of a Siamese and the exotic stripes of a tiger and a snow white body of the Siberian tiger.

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Over the years thru selective breeding between these hybrids to other purebred Siamese, the Lynx point color has improved and intensified the exotic markings and the Lynx point Siamese is so beautiful and eye catching.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale  
Today’s Lynx point Siamese are recognized by all cat registries. They are truly amazing and unique Siamese with their tiger striped points, ivory bodies and vivid blue eyes and look so much like the very large Siberian Tiger. Traditional Lynx point Siamese are known for their longevity, good health and can live for 15-25 years. They are a very robust and sturdy cat. Their fur is very short and hardly ever sheds and is so unbelievably soft.
A Traditional Lynx point Siamese’s personality is so laid back and sweet. With their exotic tiger stripes and intense deep blue eyes they will awe your family and friends will be fascinated by these beautiful tiger like Siamese. They are such a joy to have as a kitty companion and your heart will fill with love for them and be returned for many years to come. They love to play and interact with everyone and will always make you laugh at their playful antics, even when you have had a bad day. These beguiling Traditional Lynx point Siamese have a strong emotional bond to their human person. It is huge privilege in owning such a rare treasure , as not everyone has one.

Over the years these cats have become very rare and is hard to find. Because of this, I have has decided to breed them to ensure they will always be around. My Lynx point Siamese kittens are registered CFA with the most prestige Cat registry there is. Here at Southern Traditional Siamese I have some of the oldest Pedigreed Traditional Siamese lines that I have bred very selective to ensure of the highest quality . My Lynx points have this blood running thru their veins to produce these very rare jewels that are so much sought after.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Overall the Traditional Lynx point Siamese is highly intelligent, playful and a very inquisitive kitty that loves people with so much affection. I myself have become captivated by their resemblance to Siberian tigers and their very vivid Siamese blue eyes that I love so much and will always have them around. Owning one is like having a little Siberian tiger snuggled up with you. The next time you are thinking about purchasing a purebred cat consider a Traditional Lynx point Siamese, you will never be sorry and all your friends and family will fall in love with your new kitty. You will never have a problem in finding someone to babysit when you are out of town.

Do to the increasing awareness of these gorgeous cats, they are harder and harder to find. It is necessary to reserve a kitten ahead of time. I have had clients wait as long as a year to ensure they are getting a Pedigreed Traditional Lynx Point Siamese. We sell our kittens generally less than breeders that have the long hair varieties and other exotic striped pure breeds which tend to have genetic and health problems and very short lifespan.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

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