Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale  
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Silus is an adorable Blue Point male, so playful and sweet. Loves to climb on your shoulder and sits and purrs so loud. Silus will be ready to go the end of July. Deposit $200, balance $550. If interested, contact me at 985-542-1681 or email
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
WE ARE LOCATED IN LOUISIANA. If you are interested in putting a deposit down for a kitten, please contact me. Email or call. All deposits are non-refundable, only serious inquiries please.
If you have questions call and leave a message and I will call you back or email me.
Call 985-542-1681 or email
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Kittens with feathersIf you are interested in putting a deposit down, call or email me. I will return all phone calls and emails. I screen all potenial buyers. If you want to see pictures of available kittens, I  will email them at your request. Majority of the time all kittens are sold before they are born and a deposit will ensure you will get the perfect Siamese kitten. All kittens come with vaccines, wormed, and health guarantee.

I cherish the "Old Style Siamese" known also as " Applehead Siamese" and " Traditional Siamese". I have gone to great lengths to ensure my Siamese have rare and  imported lines of the "Old Style" Siamese I grew up with. This is a very healthy and  long living Siamese breed. Unlike other  purebreeds cats that have been bred to "Old Style" Siamese to get their gorgeoues blue eye, the  markings, and rich colors of this Siamese; those other breeds have weekened the gene pool and genetic make up of the "Old Style" Siamese. Those breeds of cats have many genetic issues and abnormalities that the " Old Style" Siamese do not have. They are purebred  designer cats masking as True Siamese from long ago.

I started raising this noble  breed where other breeders have tried to erase it from the cat world. My bloodlines run back hundreds of years to ensure the breeds longevity and good health. I do not cage my kittens and  they are handled every day so they will be well socialized and a perfect compaion for many years to come. I look for potential buyers that love and apreciate this breed  of  Siamese cat that we love and remember.


All Deposits are non refundale NO EXCEPTIONS!! I only want serious inquiries.

You need to sign a spay/ neuter agreement and I screen all buyers. Pricing depends on the quality and color of kittens. My name is Lynn and if you have questions call and leave a message and I will call you back or email me. Call 985-542-1681 or email

Deposit for 1 kitten is $200
Deposit for 2 kittens $300
Deposit for Balinese kittens $300


We do ship occasionally; shipping cost for one kitten is $400. Shipping for 2 kittens $500. The price includes airfare, vet visit and health certificate and shipping price and our trip to the airport to cover gas and parking. If you choose to fly into the New Orleans International airport and come in person we charge $50 to bring the kitten to you.

We do prefer to to meet to you in person and only ship occasionally, depending upon on your location and climate temperature.

Our kittens are very socialized and are not shy. They are very affectionate and loving. All kittens come with their first vaccines and health guarantee.

I handle every kitten at birth and cannot resist snuggling and kissing them daily, they are so adorable! How can you not! When you get a kitten from me it will be so sweet, gorgeous, and very socialized. I do not breed a lot of litters at the same time to ensure they are very healthy and each one has my love and undivided attention.

If you want to put a deposit down or see pictures of what kittens I have available contact me at or 985-542-1681.

No personal checks, only cashiers checks, money orders from a post office, and cash only when you come in person to pick the kitten up. All deposits need to be sent Fed Ex, Express Mail, or UPS overnight to ensure you get the kitten you want. In the past deposits sent regular mail have been lost and I ended up selling the kittens to someone else because I thought since I did not get the deposit, that person that said they were sending the deposit changed their mind. This way I can track the deposit and know you are serious about getting a kitten form me.

Thank you for coming to my site. I look forward to helping you get your perfect, adorable, Siamese kitten snuggle bunny, that will bring so much adventure and happiness.


Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
To My Kitten Buyers

All my cats and kittens are on NuVet Plus For Felines. This amazing vitamin increases a cats and kittens immunity against the same diseases we get, arthritis, diabetes,kidney disease, cancer, skin problems, tumors and many more. Our feline friends need the extra protection,between all the additives and chemicals that go into pet foods,vaccines, cleaning agents, pesticides, germs and viruses that can come  in on your shoes and clothes and cause their immunity to  be less able to fight viruses and disease. As soon as the kittens are eating solids I  start them on the NewVet Plus. If you come in person to get your kitten you will be wowed when you see how shiny and soft my cats' fur is.  NuVet is great for the fur and skin and gives them much energy. So many cats have food allergies due to the chemicals in their foods and toxic poisons, cleaning products and smoke we use in our  homes, all these things will effect their immunity. NuVet Plus will kick start their immunity and has all natural human grade vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. No fillers or artificial binding agents and never heat processed that destroys essential nutrients and reduces the effectiveness of all the natural ingredients. Formulated over an  8 year period by physicians, veterinarians, pharmacists, and animal nutritionists. NuVet plus will also help senior kitties that  have no energy or teeth and skin problems. This product is not available in stores. Some veterinarians have it but charge 3 times as much. You can get it from The NuVet Plus company for half the price or an authorized pet professional and I am. My cats have been on it for years and I stand behind it. I will give you a sample when you pick up your kitten. You only need a very small amount sprinkled on the dry kibble or mixed in canned food once a day. You can also use it for your dogs, it comes in a great tasting  chewable wafer that dogs love. 

You can order by calling 800-474-7044 and it will ask you for a code use (39279) or go to their website and use code (39279). If you have any questions  give me a call (985-542-1681). Thanks for taking the time coming to my website.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Deposits are non-refundable! No exceptions!
For more information contact us at (985) 542-1681
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

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