Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale  
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I strive to make these majestic and graceful cats a reality into to the world we live in. Their beauty and sweetness is unsurpassed and their never-ending love for adventure and love for their human companions, never cease to amaze me. Every minute I have spent with a siamese cat or kitten brings more joy and happiness with a true vitality for life. That is why I will forever be a breeder of these beautiful and endearing cats and to share this wonderful breed with others.

Here are some of the reasons I have such a love for these beguiling bundles of fur that are such a big part of my everyday life.


Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Siamese possess clear, vivid deep blue eyes that can soften the hearts of anyone that looks there way. Their eyes are expressive and hauntingly exotic in their gaze. What beauty is captured in that gaze! This is a breed that has very few health problems, living long healthy lives, and very often living into their late teens.

Siamese are highly intelligent. Their intelligence is baffling, and will often surprise you. Siamese have been known to get their owner’s attention in very creative ways. They have learned to turn on lights, facets, doors, knowing which way to turn the knobs using both paws. These are all the actions among others, that your sweet and engaging Siamese kitten or cat will learn on their own, and they are easily trained to retrieve their toys and bring them back to be tossed again and again, and are easily trained to walk on a harness for walks with you.

Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale
Siamese are highly expressive. The gaze is bold, alert and full of love and mischief. When they talk to you, you feel like they mean to tell you something of great importance. They really communicate. It feels like they care, and they honestly do! Siamese can sense your mood, if you are sad and have tears, they will jump on your lap and rub their head on your chin and sometimes gently paw your face and lick your tears away. They know when you are sick and will lay next to you or will lay on you to comfort you with their warmth and purrs, never leaving your side. Their loyalty is very heartfelt.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

Siamese are very good with children, especially if they are brought up around children. They have a special understanding and gentleness with children and their bonding with a child will grow into a lifelong friendship, that will last into adulthood.

They will be a loyal companion that your child will love, and an entertaining playmate!

Siamese love to climb up on your shoulders. They love heights and will ride around up there for long periods, enjoying their aerial tour. Their ultimate luxury is a good, tall, sturdy cat tree. If you provide them with somewhere high to perch, it will become a beloved and safe place to take a nap.
Many a dog owner has taken a Siamese into their prejudiced heart. Siamese as a breed are so loyal that they often will come when called, especially if you have associated their name with love from the beginning. They have been known to meet the children at the bus stop, and come running to the door when their human family returns home. They are devoted, carrying a large capacity for love. Siamese bring so much joy and laughter in a never-ending adventure. You are never bored with a Siamese . . . EVER!
Siamese get along exceptionally well with dogs if raised with them, they will be lifelong friends and will mourn and grieve at the loss of such a great friend. Siamese have been known to come to the rescue with puffed tails and fur, and flying claws to protect their small or tiny dog companion against a larger and aggressive dog that would try to harm them.
Siamese are very social and companionable. They will follow you around the house as you do chores or working, moving room to room close to your heels and when in a particular room resting, undoubtedly will be nestled in your arms for a well-deserved nap.
Siamese may not be for everyone! There are several charming things about this breed, most find entertaining and joyful, and some people will not like or be charmed by.
The Siamese cat typically has a very loud cat voice, very vocal, with a high range of sounds, although they have a loud voice, they will also “chirp” and go from a sweet, soft plaintive meow, to a high-pitched roar, sure to get your attention. Most keep up a constant jabbering and they love to “talk” to you and to each other, and when you speak to them they will answer. They are highly communicative when getting their needs and wants from you. Siamese are also very social animals and should have a brother or sister cat or dog to keep time with when you are away long hours.
Do not get a siamese cat if you want a docile and quiet cat. Don’t choose one unless you have patience and time and will not mind their endless getting into things, robust energy, loud talkers, lap seekers, under the covers kitty, that will take you on a never-ending adventure of love, companionship, and much joy.
Siamese cats must not be left alone for extended periods. While a large supply of water, food and an extra litter pan may take care of their physical needs, they need your love! They can sometimes be independent, but when it comes to emotional needs they have been known to become depressed, stop eating and have abandon issues that can cause destructive habits if left alone for long hours without another kitty pal or human contact.
Having a Siamese cat is a responsibility and you have an obligation to meet the needs of these beautiful and endearing felines. A Siamese cat will repay your love and devotion in the long years of life with a deep love and loyalty that is not always found in other breeds. If the personality and needs of a Siamese are not for you, then consider another breed more suited for your needs.
Traditional Siamese, Lynx and Balinese Kittens for Sale

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